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Bremer Bay ?

Created by jamesperth > 9 months ago, 2 Nov 2022
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2 Nov 2022 7:20PM
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I'm having a week camping in Bremer Bay in late January. Should I bring any kite gear ? I'm hearing it's pretty sharky from the friends we are going with.

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2 Nov 2022 8:57PM
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Mate there's sharks everywhere. Breemers sick

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3 Nov 2022 12:10AM
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..four hrs from there a really good friend of mine did all this on his own....but he's more crazy than me so I wouldn't recommend it ..

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4 Nov 2022 3:36PM
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Hey James
Bremer pumps in summer. Easterly winds blow most of the day down there. Long sweeping bays. You will get fun beach break waves with wind and plenty of room to setup on the main beach. I wouldn't be bothering kiting out into the islands or anything silly like old mate showed the screenshot of Albany.
I don't think it's more sharky than anywhere else on the south coast.
Hope you score!

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4 Nov 2022 3:37PM
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Actually now that I look at old mates screenshot, that looks like Esperance not Albany!

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6 Nov 2022 7:53PM
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Definitely Rockingham!

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14 Nov 2022 1:25PM
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Can talk through my experience of going there late Jan. 2020.
Plenty of wind, windy every day actually. 15-40kts. had a range of everything from west through south to east. you can always find a beach with the right orientation. waves and chop, don't think you will find flatwater
yes beware you will need a 4wd to drive on the beaches, and you will be all on your lonesome, so be prepared.
i was glad i took my kites, i think you will be kicking yourself if you don't. I took my whole quiver as had to fit around family and friends schedule, ended up with a lightish wind session at blossoms which was awesome, nice long wave on surfboard.

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25 Nov 2022 9:40AM
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I've kited Dillon Bay and Fosters Beach, the two very large bays to the west of Bremer townsite.
Both bays work provided there is some southerly angle in the wind - just pick your bay/end for the best cross-shore angle.
Never seen those bays without at least head high waves, can be huge on a solid SW swell.
The first bay west of Bremer townsite (Dillon Bay), you can access the eastern end and park-up above the beach access track with any normal SUV/basic 4x4. However, a serious 4x4 needed to get onto and down both beaches, especially Fosters, which requires you to drive down along Dillon Beach, then up over the sand-dune fields on the western headland of DIllon Bay, then down onto Fosters beach. All up, it's about a 1-2 hour mission over the headland and sand-dune fields to Fosters - absolutely epic 4x4 trip and scenery - but need to know what you're doing. No phone reception out there either....
Native Dog beach (just east of Dillon Bay) can be ok, however it's tighter, rocky headlands much closer in, so less room for error, and there are strong rips at either end of the bay, so be careful if you're going to give that spot a go.
Otherwise, obviously, Bremer itself on the easterly winds.
Enjoy the solitude.....


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