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Port welshpool

Created by bramber > 9 months ago, 4 Jan 2023
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4 Jan 2023 6:17PM
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Anyone kited here?

I was passing through on summer and in the right conditions it looks like it would be an amazing huge flat water spot.

However while there was a decent breeze and warm weather, it was totally deserted with not a soul out! Any reason why it's not kited more? Are there hazards that I'm missing?

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5 Jan 2023 9:42AM
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The islands that protect Corner Inlet have some of the best flat water kiting and the East winds can really nuke down there.
To get to the really good spots you need a boat or jetski. Had a great session years ago when I was on a TT at the main channel entrance between Clonmel, Earthquake and Sunday Islands. You just need backup as the tides move at a great rate through the channels and the water disappears fast. The channels are also frequented by large biteys.

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5 Jan 2023 9:58AM
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It's the nursery for the new bities. Great sailing, just don't paddle for too long

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21 Jan 2023 9:46PM
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Especially bitey behind fishing boats on way back in ........ cleaning their catch attracts regular attention


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