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North Haven

Created by gmitton Two weeks ago, 5 Feb 2024
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5 Feb 2024 8:30PM
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Too many kites taking over the windsurfing spot. Pls sail further downwind. Plenty of angry people about today.

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5 Feb 2024 6:14PM
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I can't see your post mittons.

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9 Feb 2024 5:26PM
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Hi Geoff,

I have spread the word amongst the kite crew with reference for appropriate location choices for skill levels and also right of way rules.

Hopefully it has been better since.

If it hasn't, I'm happy to have a discussion with you and Bondy to get a feel for setting some "Guidance" for some of the crew to make it better for all.

it is everyone's water and wind to use


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"North Haven" started by gmitton