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Wanted: kite surfing lessons on coffs/woopi area

Created by brendan101 > 9 months ago, 21 Apr 2023
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21 Apr 2023 4:05PM
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Hey all,

I surf but am keen to learn to kite surf, can't find any lessons available but any experienced locals want some $ for a lesson/s?

I'm keen to try it out before investing in all the gear.


WA, 1512 posts
21 Apr 2023 5:31PM
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Hi Brendan,

You may have to travel to get lessons from a licensed operator. Suitable locations for learning to kite usually have a kite school there.

Here is a list of licensed operators accross the country:

Learning to kite takes time and not something you can ''try out'' in a short amount of time.

Also, experienced kiters are not experienced instructors. You want to learn with a school that has suitable gear for learning (small kites, short lines) trained and qualified instructors, insurance, permits, radio helmets, etc.

Here are two articles I suggest you read before you start:

I also recommend you start your journey by watching videos tutorials. There is so much to learn before you actually start flying the kite for the first time:

Hope this helps,

Christian - KiteBud

WA, 731 posts
25 Apr 2023 10:05PM
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Christian that's what they all say...bull**** I say !! (And many before have said bull**** too)...
If you can see it in their aura that they will be adequate/advanced in 5hrs and are water orientated individuals such as commercial divers and are of no danger to other people such as commercial divers or master V&up commercial skippers or whatever...then it's fine as you know it's all good..

What about 20year long parent kiters who have helped their kids..... there are plenty of people about who knock the socks off 'new schools' thinking they own the joint......(you know that) who are basically only in it for their own self interest alot'.
Are you saying they can't because you have a 'school' and they may have been on the water long before you..or the 'iko' or kiteboard australia thing? No way.....
I thought you were better than that !!

Obviously if you love Nintendo and live in Tokyo go to a school!!.....
Or hangout in a sleazy bar in your area of northbridge and spend all your coins on horse bets...then definitely go to a school

The other points such as variable gear.. yes. ..

Half of these people arnt even interested in decent sessions and the art of it ..mostly all are only interested in selling brands and are basically capitalists....and congesting spots and areas......!

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26 Apr 2023 2:16PM
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Hit a sore spot did

WA, 731 posts
2 May 2023 8:00PM
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Humdinger said..
Hit a sore spot did

Sorry !..
Nothing to do with me..
Jack Nicholson told me....

Some shops will happily attack or threaten people on the beach just to get their own way....
Look at that chap up north ! He's starting to get a bit famous for it there's even drone photography of assaults ..
Heard it happens alot when two shops coincide around tarifa and places...(?)..wouldn't know...
I can't imagine the politics at pin point it must be worse than 'tarifa' sometimes..
(Plse God don't make aus like tariffa... )..
I know of people who were teaching in BR and other places way before waksa or KA and are of no affiliation with it..I think we all of them was a windsurf instr who did it on windsurf insurance back then....

On saying that cbulota has an awful lot of experience and does alot of good deeds for many involved.. and there are a couple of shops in WA that don't mind people helping other people 'out' on the beach.particularly augusta simon and Ben at kitewest isn't too bad either in my observation..x probably because they both know..and simon particularly knows... that there alot of very experienced people in those areas..

How much money collection has been made from these organisations for 'instr'or 'instr level 2'? There must be thousands of them who just have the tickets..which didn't do them any good at the end of the day.....except for maybe to inflate their ego for a short while.....or give them some 'pampering'..
.I wouldn't say it's the Mafiabut one day I will come up with a better description maybe ...

I reckon that chap with that shop in lancelin who legged it was pretty cool....

Best wishes

And no offence just something Jack Nicholson mentioned a while back...

I wonder where i can get a tacoon kite

NSW, 5760 posts
30 May 2023 11:12PM
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do people with multiple personalities need more kites....?
asking for a friend whose probably spent too much time in the sun


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