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Vintage North Rhino

Created by Flying Kiwi Two weeks ago, 20 Nov 2022
Flying Kiwi
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20 Nov 2022 1:09PM
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I am cleaning out the garage to move interstate and found a North Rhino v1 12 m that has had very little use (a friend left it with me when they left Australia).

i haven't inflated it but the valves are likely delaminated. The leading edge has some light mould on it.

If anyone is interested in getting some Kitesurf history to display (not suggesting you kite with it) let me know and you can have it, otherwise it will be landfill in a couple of weeks. I am in Collaroy and had a great time on Rhinos when learning, but mine got destroyed on and off the water, and would not want to fly one these days.


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"Vintage North Rhino" started by Flying Kiwi