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Twintip for Big Air?

Created by thuffam 5 months ago, 19 Apr 2023
QLD, 32 posts
19 Apr 2023 12:02PM
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Would like feedback on what people consider a good TT for big jumps - what features you like and what models you recommend.

I would have thought stiffness, rocker and outline suited to conditions (I prefer surf - so fair rocker and decent outline curve) and also a smaller size (I prefer a 132x39 - I'm 80kg x 6ft tall) to load up in a good breeze.

I ask because....I have retired my old (10 year old) home made board which, frankly, was epic for boosting. Have switched to a 2022 Duotone Select and it has completely ruined my jumps. Jumps are 30-50% smaller on the same kite. My guess is that my old board was much stiffer so could load up the kite a lot more than these new floppy boards (nice for comfort but crap for jumping).

Unfortunately the old board as a major crack.. that prob would not repair well... so just bought a production board.

Also.... what's with the huge doors that everyone is riding.. Have been out of the production TT game for a while... and noticed the manufacturers recommending, what I consider absurdly large boards for rider weights.. eg I saw one recommend 139 board for a 83kg rider - what I would have considered learner boards or super light wind.

WA, 1485 posts
19 Apr 2023 1:43PM
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Twin tip selection is very personal, especially for someone experienced and into big air. Ideally, you would try various boards and see what fits best. Based on your profile, you are problaby on the East Coast ? If you ever come to Perth, you're welcome to demo some Airush twin tips. I think your best fit based on your profile would be the Airush Apex Team V8 133x39cm

Pro-riders who are into unhooked riding tend to go for bigger boards these days, it seems to be the new trends. However, for hooked in riding and big airs, I also find that smaller is better.

Here's a video of the Apex Team V8 in action

hope this helps.

Christian - KiteBud

WA, 930 posts
19 Apr 2023 2:15PM
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Hi Thuffam,

Board sizes have been getting larger for a few reasons.

1. You get more pop from a larger board
2. Kites have so much better upwind ability that you don't need to edge hard to get a board to go upwind.
3. Early planing is a big deal in a lot of countries so bigger is better.

The right board for big air is more determined on your local conditions rather than anything else. If you are in smooth water, you can ride a stiffer board allowing you to load up to the fullest. Boosting in choppy water is better to use a board with more flex to maintain control on loading. In surf, for sure a stiffer board with more rocker would be more ideal.

Having said that, The 2023 Duotone Jaime was designed with big air in mind. The stiff flex, mid rocker and aggressive tip channeling all aid in keeping a strong bite in the water. The reversed angle rail tips are designed to bite into the water and give max hold right until lift off.

A lot of the big air bandits in Perth are riding the Carved Imperator as their weapon of choice, expensive but extremely impressive board.

As always, go visit your fave store and grab a demo of the boards you think will be ideal and see for yourself.


QLD, 59 posts
22 Apr 2023 7:15AM
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My Weapon of Choice after 15 years is the Crazy Fly 134/41 ( Extreme) for great all round jumping performance with excellent grip and pop.The moderately stiff flex, min rocker and aggressive tip channeling combines with G50 fins all aid in keeping a strong bite in the water. There's a great dealer , Bran in WA give him a call for a Demo .

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22 Apr 2023 11:08AM
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Guess it depends where your riding and what wind you usually get. Over here in south west WA most of the lads like a smaller board for when the wind cranks so you can hold your edge but we get pretty strong winds when that's happening 25-30kn+ and a good bit of punch behind it. The big air woosters def love the imperator. Think around the 133+/- a couple cm's for your weight would be the standard here. Don't think QLD wind has quite the same power so maybe wont hurt going a little bigger.

WA, 1498 posts
31 May 2023 3:47PM
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If you want to jump high just come to WA. We can lend you an awesome board and give you beer when you get here!

NSW, 349 posts
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2 Jun 2023 10:34AM
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Jamie Overbeek uses both the Torque V3(flatter conditions) and Code V3, and many others do too because of the edge holding ability and speed you can maintain.

WA, 487 posts
5 Jun 2023 6:09PM
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Has anyone tried out the new Jaime?

QLD, 790 posts
6 Jun 2023 5:05AM
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ste said..
Has anyone tried out the new Jaime?

Yep.....ended up buying the sls....

Everything Darren has said above is spot on!!!

I have owned every model since 2013, and usually always carbon for stiffer flex n better boooOooost....this is the best one yet!!

Grab a demo....but have ya cash ready....

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6 Jun 2023 7:12PM
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This guy has. He's normally not to biased about how things work - though he is a team rider.

WA, 487 posts
6 Jun 2023 8:38PM
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Cheers for that. I suppose my main concern is, would it be as good as the shinn monk in the Perth chop? I'm definitely interested to look at the sls for sure.


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