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Traverse - Kite Movie by Ewan Jaspan and Alex Lewis-Hughes

Created by ewan kite 5 months ago, 19 Aug 2022
ewan kite
VIC, 926 posts
19 Aug 2022 4:41AM
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Hey Crew,

Just released a new full length video for the internet. Been doing some premieres around the globe the last two months, but finally ready for the online release. I feel like these type of videos are still super important to the sport, and I really hope you can all enjoy this one on the TV one evening (or a welcome distraction from work).

Hope you're all well and enjoy the flick, comments on the YouTube vid and shares are greatly appreciated and do a lot to help keep this medium alive in the future.


NSW, 1618 posts
19 Aug 2022 7:55AM
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Nice work! Great riding at multiple disciplines. Thanks for sharing!

NSW, 412 posts
19 Aug 2022 1:23PM
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Next level ...hardcore , keeps you pumped , 350 sessions in 1 year !!!! I have had 15 pissy sessions a summer season for last 3 crap summers....Big Anticlimax teaser at 2.09 to 2.14 ,,,you were zig zagging foil board ,then next shot went to near jetty upright timber pylons...I thought you were gonna zig zag foil board through pylons, but not...haha...its great to see yu guys still in the sport and not progressing/graduating to other sports such as off road rally driving or red bull air races !!! Or becoming real estate agents???


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"Traverse - Kite Movie by Ewan Jaspan and Alex Lewis-Hughes" started by ewan kite