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Sydney January trip

Created by zamo27 > 9 months ago, 20 Oct 2022
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20 Oct 2022 4:50PM
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Hi all, I'm new to this forum and need some guidance
we're traveling to oz this January with family
we will be based in around malabar Sydney in a camper van. I am not bringing my gear with me but want to kitesurf Australia. What are my options? Where will I rent good gear what spots are within 30 minutes drive ? I don't mind the conditions flat or choppy
waves I don't mind either as long it's not massive swell
any schools near by that rent gear plus advice on the spots
any tips and advice welcome

WA, 10 posts
29 Oct 2022 7:02PM
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2 shops bro
KBL and kite power they will both hook you up and there close to great kite areas
Flat water spots in Botany Bay dolls point or Kurnell. waves north or south of the city
We are in a wet cycle here past 2-3 years but January should be good winds

NSW, 3560 posts
4 Nov 2022 8:42AM
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Call both stores just to make sure they'll rent gear. I'm not sure they do, but they make recommend a school that does.


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