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Naish Duotone Value

Created by hotracer > 9 months ago, 13 Feb 2023
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13 Feb 2023 7:07AM
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Ok, so as you might know Naish brand just got sold, anyone know what the sale price was? And anyone know how much Boards and More is worth? ( Boards and More is Duotone, Fanatic, Ion etc) Rumor is the did a name change because North was charging them a million euros every year to use the brand name
What about other companies?

QLD, 1059 posts
3 Mar 2023 4:47PM
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Robbie Nash is one rich bastard

NSW, 3553 posts
6 Mar 2023 2:23PM
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Plus he sold his beach shack.

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17 Mar 2023 5:01PM
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Read somewhere that Duotone as it is now used to pay North $2mUS to use North name per year.

Froth Goth
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17 Mar 2023 5:43PM
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Meanwhile kiteschools in australia think its okay to pay theyre instructors 30$ a hour ABN


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