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Created by gokizza > 9 months ago, 20 Nov 2022
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20 Nov 2022 9:37AM
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Hi all, I'm thinking of Egypt next year, any advice, tips on good spots to stay El Gouna/Hurgahda would be much appreciated ??

WA, 465 posts
20 Nov 2022 9:39AM
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Morocco ????

QLD, 254 posts
21 Nov 2022 7:24AM
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If you're a woman, as the profile pic implies, do a lot of research about Egypt before you go. I saw a recent discussion about "where would you never go again" and Egypt got about 5 times as many votes as any other country. There were many many horror stories from women, even for example staying in expensive western hotel chains, or travelling with men, does not stop blatant harrassment. An incident I remember was the staff coming in the Hilton room i think and removing the curtains when some western women checked in so the local men could gather outside and stare in. Check in staff would not do anything, it was their idea, even local police are in on it and will side with the locals.

This may not apply if you stay in the kite tour lane and fly right as close to the kite spot as possible, and have a guided experience.

QLD, 12 posts
25 Nov 2022 7:33PM
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I hate to say it, but I would say don't go there, mi amiga. when I was there some Dutch girls got acid thrown on their legs when they went out in shorts. Lifelong scarring because they offended some radical islamist who planned the attack on them - had their acid ready to go for any western 'whore' in shorts - that is how they think of you. I was there for a few mths - went out in long pants always so as to not offend - but one time i had a brain fade and ducked out to the shop next door to the accommodation in long shorts. kids were stopping and staring at my legs and their mum's gave me filthy looks and a bloke pulled me aside and gave me a lecture - this was in Cairo. No mercy there in that culture. they punish you because they think it earns them favour in Allah's eyes and might get them a promotion at the mosque next friday. same dobber mentality as in Germany in 1936...
there were some beautiful people there in Egypt that i worked with, but the beautiful, friendly ones are so desperate to leave anyway, that the place is going downhill fast IMO. Read up on how the Diggers got on during WWI there. Not much has changed. I've never been more ripped off by merchants, et al, than in Egypt. Go to Lebanon :) They're a great bunch of people. So much more reasonable and genuinely friendly.

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25 Nov 2022 6:50PM
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If I was going I'd get on a kite safari (boat trip through the red sea). Less crowded and more chance of scoring good wind and flat water.

Unless you particularly wanted the tourism bit. Then you probably need to stay in a resort and book onto day trips.

I agree with the Morocco post though. Prices are the same to go to Dakhla but they have waves and giant sand dunes to jump off.

NSW, 64 posts
26 Nov 2022 7:30AM
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Might be worth reading this review


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