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Dlab Neo

Created by pgc 4 months ago, 30 Sep 2022
VIC, 874 posts
30 Sep 2022 11:15AM
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1. 2 3 on the podium in Morocco new supa weapon

WA, 247 posts
30 Sep 2022 3:07PM
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I doubt very much that the kites really have much effect on the pro riders ability. Also the odds are in duotones favor seeing as they sponsor so many of the riders.

But I'm sure they are a lovely kite

QLD, 96 posts
1 Oct 2022 7:02AM
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And only for the rich at the price they are

NSW, 3478 posts
1 Oct 2022 7:15AM
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Congrats James Carew for taking the podium!

WA, 888 posts
2 Oct 2022 3:40PM
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I think that when most of the top 10 riders are of equal skill level, a technical advantage will absolutely give you an edge and you will more likely podium.
the same in foil racing. All riders whether sponsored by Ozone or Gin or F-one, all ride FLYSURFER in light wind as there is a technical advantage. In light air, almost every rider in mens and womens fleets are on FS.

does this mean the average rider will benefit from the latest tech edge? Maybe, but is it worth the money for the average rider? That's an answer determined by income level.


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