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Calcaneal Fractures 2

Created by jn1 5 months ago, 17 Aug 2022
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17 Aug 2022 8:10PM
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Hello All,

I came off the back of my board doing a gybe at my local last month. My speed was about 20kt. Flipped the rig in 1 foot choppy surf, and missed the rigg (nobody home). So fell backwards with my legs skidding into drink and then my left foot/ankle hitting the bottom hard with a dead stop. I thought I had damaged my ankle. My Calcaneal bone kaned like **** for a few days. I then visited this thread below.

A came to the conclusion I had not broken a bone. If I did, I would know about it (would you agree ?). The pain gradually went away after a week and a bit, and I forgot about it. About 2 weeks later, at work, the pain started returning. Busy at work.. mind on the job running around in my work shoes twisting the foot, and standing all day long. This was making this bone pain slowly return. So, I started wearing runners to work last week and I stopped doing my 2km jog 2 times a week. Basically resting up the foot now.

Early in the morning today, this bone woke me up. From distance memories, It felt like growing pains when I as a kid (good news ?). Overall, it seems to slowly be getting better.

I've never broken a bone in my life and I'm 50 odd now. And lots of accidents in the past where I should have.

What's people's thoughts ?. Should I be seeing a GP and getting it Xrayed ?. This looks like a common kitesurfing injury. I'm betting the forces that go through your feet when hitting hard surfaces (or even water) are many magnitudes more than my little biff. And many of you have probably have got the sort of injury I have got.

Any tips/advice appreciated


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19 Aug 2022 9:25AM
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Standard advice,

Good Anti inflammatory e.g diclofenac/voltaren.

Rest and good sleep. If in discomfort take a mild painkiller to assist e.g. panadol.

Low inflammatory diet. Cut out the meat/fat/dairy and eat mainly fruit/veg for a few weeks.

If you don't respond go see a sports med doctor and get an x-ray/ultrasound/MRI on there advice.

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21 Aug 2022 5:58PM
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Fractured mine a few years back. Pretty painful and lots of edema on sole of the foot. X-ray found nothing and Dr said just sprained. Pain continued for a time and referred to an Ortho. He ordered an MRI that found the fracture. If the pain continues get an MRI would be my advice.


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