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Best kitesurf cities in Europe?

Created by anwargoku 3 months ago, 14 Oct 2022
NSW, 29 posts
14 Oct 2022 7:37PM
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Any world travellers or Europeans in the house?
if you had to relocate to Europe which kitesurf city would you pick and why?

I have found this interesting info below but would like to hear your opinions!

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14 Oct 2022 7:23PM
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I can comment on a few of these.

Used to windsurf at Poole Harbour back in the day. No way is it a 12month a year kite destination. The wind is weather front driven so its not unusual to get 2 or 3 weeks in row with sub 12knot wind during the summer. Then you'll need a good wetsuit to kite in the winter when the temperature is single digits. Also its not the best conditions - always choppy. Plus side that it is by a big town with plenty of entertainment/work. Lots of good spots within a fairly close distance (1 hour drive) so not a terrible place to be based. For me I'd suggest Exeter might be better place to live if south coast UK was your destination? Watch the frequency of the UK locals Tom Court and Sam Light posting on youtube to see the kinds of conditions that south coast UK gets.

Fuertaventura is a lot better than those wind stats show. The summer months have consistent wind but you get big spells of strong wind out of peak season too. Have been on holiday plenty in the winter months and normally get 4 out of 7 days on the water.

Gokova is a thermal wind so never that strong (could probably get away with a 12m kite most of the time). Its close(ish) to Hipnotics wake park though so you can always get on the water even when there is no wind. The beach access is via a private road so you have to pay a daily tax to get there. Not so bad on holiday but would be a pain if I was living there.

NSW, 29 posts
14 Oct 2022 11:08PM
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@weebitbreezy thank you for the inputs. Really helps getting feedback from people who were there and can share real experience.
my ideal location would be somewhere with sun, wind and life (work, entertainment etc.)
i never been to the UK but to be honest the weather doesn't attract me. Being from a Moroccan coastal city would be hard for me to move somewhere cold.
my partner is from the Canary Islands she's from Gran Canaria and we have been to fuerteventura, the kite conditions there are epic and absolutely loved it; the only thing is it is missing life ( work, entertainment etc)
Maybe Portugal?

WA, 783 posts
14 Oct 2022 10:00PM
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There is no country like Oz.

Lived on 3 continents, 5 countries lived and worked. 32 years in the EU.
The EU only for a postcard picture for me.
Not even to retire there. Why? Because life is much more relaxed here in WA. Much much more. And HF opened kiting season all year long.
Grass might be greener somewhere else, but here is much more maintained ;)

C'est la vie

NSW, 29 posts
15 Oct 2022 9:52PM
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I loved WA when I went before the pandemic and I kited many spots over there.
im really considering relocating there from Sydney.

the reason I'm asking about Europe is the fact that it's closer to our parents Morocco/canaryIslands

also would love to finally kite without freaking out about sharks when I'm body dragging

WA, 8403 posts
16 Oct 2022 8:11PM
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Never got so high

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16 Oct 2022 10:13PM
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T F would you consider the UK? Nope, nope and nope. I live here, it's turned into a cesspit. If I could escape I would, but a lot of old stupid people voted to stop us freely moving around europe . It's run by maniacs now, and a lot of the population are lapping it up.
It's cold in winter, think 5mm suits and thermal rashies, we rely on frontal systems mainly, only a few spots get summer thermals.
Poole harbour is chop city and full of too many trying to take you out.

Portugal is good, only been there on holidays, the sea is cold, even in summer. The wind, waves can be very good.

The canary islands can be good, but can have long spells of not much wind

WA, 665 posts
2 Nov 2022 1:17AM
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anwargoku said..

also would love to finally kite without freaking out about sharks when I'm body dragging

Halol v true. especially where you are!
I remember that
recently have been over 3m hammerheads 3plus m tigers . Whales. every session I have is like a national geographic mission ! thats the best thing about it very educating!
Don't really need to bodydrag any more though unless it's to clear from hazards/launch from rocks etc or recover things or people.but I know exactly how you feel though made me laugh

WA, 444 posts
2 Nov 2022 8:56PM
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Awl Cauncy took a trip in the dam he's still never come back. If u get to Europe go to Ireland in sept and kite keel beach and keel lake !!! #godscounrty

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27 Dec 2022 12:40AM
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Viana do Castelo Portugal
Kite wave epic conditions

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29 Dec 2022 2:18PM
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Tarifa is hardly a city, although in summer might have the population of a city on the beach, with over 1000 kites in the water can be a bit crowded, really nice in Spring and Autumn though, and becomes a ghost town in winter


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