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12m Kite recommendations

Created by HumbleSailor A week ago, 19 May 2023
VIC, 9 posts
19 May 2023 11:39PM
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Hi everyone, I'm after some advice.

I'll need to replace my oldie 12m kite soon. It's a 2014 Airush DNA, it's fairly heavy, old and it has seen better days! It has served me well, but I feel that it's about to die anytime now

Besides the zoombie 12m Airush DNA, I've a 2020 10m Naish Triad for windier days which I really like and a 14m Switch Elements for the crappy light wind days.
I've also have a 2010 10m Cabrinha Switchblade, it was alright too, but I rarely use it now that I have the Triad.

I was levitating towards maybe a Naish Pivot but found some people in forums saying that Pivots are really good up to 11m, so probably not a good candidate. I've ride a Pivot once before and liked it, but it was a 10m

The other ones I was thinking are, the North Orbit, the North Reach, or the Naish Triad. But I've never tried any of those so I'm not sure

I'm in the heavy side (93kg) and find myself using the 12m the most out of the 3 kites so I definitely want to get something that is good in the size!

Which is why I was wondering what everyone would recommend in the 12m size?
Any tips would be much appreciated!

WA, 1457 posts
20 May 2023 7:10AM
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Hi HumbleSailor,

It's safe to say a lot has changed since your Airush DNA 2014. The DNA was designed primarely as a school / beginner only kite with oversized leading edge and struts and a very low aspect ratio. This design made the kite very slow, fly deeper in the window (harder to go upwind) and relaunch super easily. The DNA series were eventually replaced by the Progression series until 2021. Since 2021, Airush got rid of the Progression series to focus on kites that cover a wider range of skill level and disciplines such as the newer Lithium V13 :

I would invite you to demo one of these in Perth but it looks like you are located in VIC ?

What is your skill level and preffered kiting style / discipline ? It's difficult to give you some good advice without knowing this information.

If you're not into kiting overpowered and chasing the highest jump on the scoreboard, I would avoid 5-struts kites and get a freeride 3-strut kite instead which are more versatile.

I'll send you a PM

Chrisitan - Kitebud

VIC, 9 posts
20 May 2023 10:47AM
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Hi Christian, thanks heaps for the info about my DNA, that's interesting and I've no idea!
Yeah I'm in VIC unfortunately, and I'm even far from shops in Melbourne, which is why I've never been able to do a demo

My history with kitesurfing goes back a fair bit, I've started in 2004 or 2005, with an old school type C kite, a 16m RRD Type Z and a 130cm X 36 RRD TT board (way too small for me); it was a dinosaur to fly that thing and the relaunch a complete nightmare! I was ripped off with that kite and board.
After a while, life got in the way and didn't progressed more than basics. I wasn't able to ride

In 2010, got back to it and got the 10m Cabrinha switchblade. So much better, but that kite was a bit too small for a single kite quiver I reckon and my board was still the same tiny 130 X 36 rrd TT. I've managed to waterstart a bit (mainly when super windy I think, not ideal for a beginner!). Frustration and life got in the way and eventually stopped again

Fast forward to 2016, I've got myself the Airush DNA, it was second hand purchase and with that kite and a 142cm wainman Hawaii joke TT that I also bought, I've managed to ride back and forth with these combo! I wasn't able to ride upwind yet when had to stop again

In 2022, I've came back to kitesurfing once more. I was committed to go upwind no matter what! Still with the same combo DNA and wainman Hawaii joke board, I've finally made it! So stoked haha

Since then, I've been building up my skills, learned to tack, so I can do transitions without dropping to the water. At the moment I'm learning to master the jump (not huge jumps, but maybe 2 metres max and landing and riding away about maybe 70% of them), also learning the pop and to ride with my toes :)

This year, in January, I've got myself the 10m Triad (love it) and the 14m switch elements 8 (it's alright, maybe not as good in the low end as I was hoping for. I'm thinking on getting a 165cm Litewave wing to address this). I've also got a 138cm Naish motion TT, which is now my go-to board, so nowadays I only use the 142cm wainman on light winds days.
But funnily enough, the old 12m DNA is the one I've used the most due to wind conditions, seconded by the 10m Triad and closely followed by the 14m elements 8

So that's a bit about my kiting history and my quiver! LOL

I guess I'm a freerider, I do enjoy jumping (I never thought I would) and would like to build up my skills with old school tricks and transitions.
Definitely not interested in unhooked tricks, big air, megaloops, being overpowered or breaking any world records!

I'll have a look at the lithium, personally I don't know much about it and haven't seen it in the water I think.
The 3 struts over 5 struts suggestion sounds like a good advice, probably why I like my Naish Triad so much, the 3 struts and that sheet in and go feeling in that 3 struts kite it's pretty good!

Thanks again Christian, really appreciate your advice!

VIC, 561 posts
20 May 2023 4:46PM
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Ive had Pivots and moved to North reach, Reach is on another level, has a newer frame design. Way easier to handle. Check out the reviews. You can buy them from Kite power in Sydney.

VIC, 9 posts
21 May 2023 7:02PM
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Thanks Sandfoot, yeah the north reach was one of my strong candidates, reviews are really good.

After lots of research, checking reviews etc. I've ended up pulling the trigger on a Duotone EVO SLS The lighter than average weight and the apparently good low-end got me curious! According to duotone's website, the 12m Evo SLS should get me going with just 11ktn, sounds too good to be true but who knows! Can't wait to take it for a ride!!

VIC, 9 posts
21 May 2023 7:10PM
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BTW if this Evo SLS can get me going with just 11kts, then it means I can sell my 14m switch element 8, no point in keeping it!


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