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Sab-foil recommendations

Created by JNB > 9 months ago, 20 Jun 2022
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20 Jun 2022 4:00AM
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Today I'm foiling on a W699-S399-F703 and a 83 mast. I love that setup, but I feel like it's time to "step up".

I want more speed and a foil that turns quicker. From what I've understood, this setup is a beginners foil. What would be the next level Sab-foil? Any suggestions?

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21 Jun 2022 10:46PM
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671 740 800 are the fast ones if you're after speed.

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2 Aug 2022 10:08AM
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The 699 wing is fairly quick and a good allrounder. The 399 is a nice fast little stab. What Alysum has mentioned is correct, but these wings are from a different family, they are part of the kite family. The gear you have is crossover gear. It can kite, it can surf and it can wing. It is part of the surf family of wings (of which the 699 is the smallest), which are mainly bigger wings designed for winging and surfing. So to go faster than the 699 allows, you can try shimming the stabilizer up to create more pitch down attitude of the fuse, or you need to look at the 647 kite fuse or if you're on the new Kraken series, the 603K or 653K. The shorter fuse will help increase turn radius, and it will give you the ability to run the 1000, 800, 671, 645 and 637 all of which are scary fast.

Hope this helps.



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