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Recovering from wing tip breaches

Created by KIT33R 1 month ago, 29 Jun 2022
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29 Jun 2022 3:56PM
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I find that sometimes I can get away with a wing tip breach in a turn and other times not. My high aspect wing is more forgiving than the lower aspect wing. Can anyone enlighten me as to how to recover from a breach before the fast slap down?

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29 Jun 2022 8:40PM
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Usually when my balance is right and the wing isn't too heavily loaded, I can get away with a wing tip breach... Or it might be the other way around. I can't remember

Need to use a line mount camera and figure it out...

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8 Jul 2022 10:29PM
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Try and get really comfy with breached. (when strapped) try and purposely breach. Keep the rear foot loaded and your foil will stall back down untill your board catches you. Great foundations for jumping also. For getting tracking after popping a tip i will usually try and get back to level quickly and give it a little yaw flick to help get tracking again.

WA, 861 posts
21 Jul 2022 9:48AM
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Hey Kit33r,

The ease at which a wing will recover can really depend on the design of the wing. My first race foil would cav badly in a breach and wipe out. The next wing i used, had a relief in angle of incidence towards the wing tip, ie, the angle of incidence at the center of the wing was higher than the AoI at the tip. I think the tip might have been 0 degrees. This aided in reducing the pressure difference between the top and bottom sides of the tip making it much easier to re-establish a laminar flow of water when in breach. The difference was no wipeout when breaching.

Your wing will remain stalled until you reduce the AoA of the foil in the turn to get the water to re-acquire laminar flow on both sides. Technically speaking, front foot pressure and an easing of the turn radius should help.



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