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Core section 4 kite for kite foiling

Created by Maddoggy007 5 months ago, 17 Dec 2021
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17 Dec 2021 11:56AM
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Hey guys. Does anyone have any thoughts on the core section 4 as a kite foiling kite?
the section is a wave kite but from what I have read, wave kites make good foil kites due to high responsiveness and good drift. I own a core section 3 pro bar which I love so the core section, with a high v, is a natural extension of that. There doesn't seem to be much information in this kite.
I know technically the core xlite is their dedicated foiling kite but the section has a larger wind range, looks way more exciting and I like the thought of one day being able to foil or surf in waves so the section gives me that optionality down the track.
I currently twin tip at Brighton Le sands. I'm 103kg. I own a 12m core xr 6. I really want to progress to foiling to take advantage of sone lighter wind days. Foiling is the end game for me.
I'm thinking of getting the 12m core section for dedicated foiling. Wind range is 10 kn to 24 kn.

thanks in advance for your opinions on this

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19 Dec 2021 9:55AM
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My thought is that if you really want a dedicated foiling kite then any 3 strut kite that's not made of aluula is carrying too much unneccessary weight which will end up frustrating you. But if slightly better surf performance and exciting looks are of enough value to you then the compromise could be worth it.

I would probably start foiling first and see how addicted you get, and then let that lead your kite purchases. Since I started foiling I have periodically washed the dust off my TT but haven't been able to get myself back on it even once because that would cost a foiling session.

I went into foiling with a 11m edge and 17m zephyr. Now I own 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 10m foil kites for the same wind range, and the 6m goes from 10kts.

But along the way a 2nd hand 9m Mono (could have been Alpha/Boxer/xlite etc) was a great versatile kite for me.

NSW, 108 posts
19 Dec 2021 4:04PM
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I have been using sections on surfboards for the last few years. Bought a nexus last season and have had a ride on the Xr and single strut.

still using a 10m section 3. Had my first foil session ever on it. Only able to foil in one direction- my preferred stance. Gave up trying to foil switch. Hoping to nail switch second session.

the section drifts well, turns on a dime light bar pressure with very little power generated through the turn, so it is not great at the low end or to jump. The depower stroke is the shortest of any kite I have flown, it is what I love most about the sections.

I have ridden 9, 10, and 12m roams, I find the depower stroke long and cumbersome. Otherwise an excellent kite. Just unhook and wow what a kite! 10m down I prefer the section, and perhaps it is just because I am so familiar with them.

nexus has noticeably less drift, but generates a lot of apparent wind with a much faster forward flying speed and grungier turn. So found I could kite a 7m nexus in slightly less wind than my 8m section and the top end is the same. At the top end the nexus is easier to handle on the beach because it sits further forward in the window, but more difficult to ride with as it pulls harder through turns.

From the 10mins I rode a 10m xlite, Immediately noticed better bottom end than 10m section and better drift, it was a little sloppy feeling especially through tight turns. faster than the section and I liked it. Wind was on the lighter side so nothing to say about top end, but assume being one strut it would not be great. I am 74kg and have a 12m single strut of another brand, and have found the leading edge to buckle at the outside bridal connection point in wind gusts around 16 or 17knots. I would guess the heavier the rider the more problematic it would be.

favouring fast turning kites I thought the xr was slow and unresponsive.( It was a 13.5)

I have found the bridal settings closest to the wing tips improve the drift of both nexus and section. The bridal settings closest to the center of the kite decrease the turning radius, and power generated when turning/looping the kite. I have not played around with these on the xr but guess it would be similar.

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23 Dec 2021 5:16AM
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Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate your opinions on this. I might start by foiling in my 12m xr6 and if I like foiling get either the section or xlite fir a more dedicated kiting experience. Might be an option to demo these kites in advance. Still leaning toward the section so I can progress into kitesurfing waves after becoming a competent foiler.
Yo learn, I will pick up the Armstrong cf1200 with 85cm mast and cf300 rear wing. Will probably go with the slingshot dwarfcraft 120cm. I figured I could grown into the setup rather than having to switch out after becoming intermediate.

WA, 337 posts
5 May 2022 1:45PM
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I use a 2017 Section 8m for foiling 15-20knots winds and it works really well. Quick turning, drifting etc etc - I also have a 13.5m Xlite 2 for sup 15knots which is also very effective for light wind foiling.


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