Riding in Perth, WA - What you need to know.

To help kitesurfers ride safely at crowded Perth metro beaches, the Western Australia Kite Surfing Association (WAKSA) has put together a fantastic collection of info sheets, specific to individual beaches.
Please take the time to read through each sheet if you plan on visiting Perth, or if you regularly kitesurf there.
Click on the links below to view the guidelines
Leighton Beach

Melville Waters

Mullaloo Beach

Scarborough/City Beach.
Please visit the WAKSA website for more information, or the local forums.
C.L.E.A.R Guidelines

Wind strength
Wind direction
Always keep downwind area well clear
Waves, tides & currents
Consider possible changes

Before you launch, land, jump, jibe, etc

Always pre-flight check
Use a kite leash
Use a quick release on anything you hook into
Practise using your safety systems regularly so that it becomes instinctive
Never exceed manufacturers specifications

Always seek and listen to local advice
Don?t exceed your limitations
Use judgement to prevent situations, not rely on skill to try and get out of it

Others - be considerate and courteous to all other water and beach users The law
Fellow kiters - follow right of way rules
The environment