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SUP for my wife

Created by watto51 2 months ago, 9 Nov 2022
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9 Nov 2022 12:11PM
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Hi again.
Now my wife, who has had a 9'9" inflatable for 2 years, has been using my Naish 10 footer. Now she wants her own rigid board as the Naish travels far better on the lake on breezey days.
She was thinking of a soft top sup but doesn't want it to be too heavy.
Any thoughts or recommendations please

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9 Nov 2022 4:06PM
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I have the new 10' Mana soft top and it's awesome..

It's pretty light.. and has a great handle.. It's also very stiff and paddles like a normal hard board..

My wife lives it..

QLD, 83 posts
26 Nov 2022 5:13AM
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You haven't said what it will be used for. You hinted that it is for flat water lake but didn't say definitely.
Really spoilt for choice. My recommendation for flat water late paddling would be a Starboard Waterline ( if you can find one) . Unbelievable board to paddle on flat to 6" waves. Not surfable! ( unless she is an incredible expert). A 12'6" one would be heaven on a lake. I have a carbon 14x28 and it is just superb to paddle in flat water.
Other than that, heaps of light weight carbon boards available secondhand in the range she will be comforatble with.
A 10'x34 or 9'2 x33 Starboard whopper is stable and still surfable. No bungees . These boards are super undervalued as allrounders, though they do push water a bit in the flat because they have quite a bit of rocker. Good weights is most constructions.
I am guessing here that you are in Aus.

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26 Nov 2022 9:59PM
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Watto where do you live, I have Naish Odysseus, with channels for flat water paddling. Second hand I think 10ft one. Still in good condition.

VIC, 783 posts
28 Nov 2022 4:10PM
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It's a bit like that old Property adage "position, position, position"
She has to be able to load it
She has to be able to carry it
She has to be able to paddle it


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