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Where's My Hoverboard??!

Created by paularity 4 months ago, 25 Nov 2022
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25 Nov 2022 8:35PM
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After an 8 hour drive with drizzle and overcast conditions the whole way down to Esperance, I was kinda fried and wasn't feeling optimistic, but went to scope a few of the spots I came here specifically to shoot anyway.

Well I'm glad I did, because just as I peeked over the hill to Blue Haven, the clouds parted!

Turns out the sun was at a great angle and the conditions for this session did not disappoint!

Ripping the flat water in such a stunning location and exploring new places is part of the appeal of the eFoil

Last time I was here I came about 30m away from a bloody submarine disguised as a 4m great white.

Luckily the ridiculous clarity of this water makes them easy to spot, but the shape of it is forever burnt into my memory bank that's for sure!

And it was in the back of my mind particularly with a mangey looking sea lion lurking on the rocks

Fliteboard Series 2.2 Ultra with Foot straps on the Flow 1100 S / 245 with a 2 degree shim - sitting on Level 4 at about 23-24kph

Shot by my trusty robot companion the Skydio 2+ - Beacon only - 4k60p 1/120th ND16 filter

Seth Sentry - Dear Science

10 years on and we're getting pretty close to that hoverboard haha!


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