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Woodies 31-12-10

Created by hyat > 9 months ago, 31 Dec 2010
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31 Dec 2010 7:05PM
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Hi Again

Well I'm not so new to the site any more but this is only me second post on the same subject Photo's, While I was down taking a few snaps earlier in the week down at Woodies someone (Bill) suggested i posted a few well i did then and here are a

few more.

Well here are a few from today PM between 1400 & 1530.

If you were there, or want any of these photos drop me a line.

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31 Dec 2010 8:21PM
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thanks for the pics mate :) they look sick

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1 Jan 2011 12:33AM
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hey dave thought it was u on the point, thanks for sharing

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1 Jan 2011 9:47PM
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Good quality pics mate, keep em coming.

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6 Jan 2011 12:07PM
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sick pics bud

good camera hey, does that place have a beach


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"Woodies 31-12-10" started by hyat