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Who needs a Sleigh ( Santa Downwinder )

Created by TrueSpirit > 9 months ago, 21 Dec 2015
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21 Dec 2015 9:06PM
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I have started loading my photos from Sundays "Santa Downwinder" onto my website ( True Spirit Photos ). It really was good fun taking the photos & putting this gallery together. These photos are loading at the moment & will load through the evening. Once complete, there should be about +/- 210 pics to view. Photos were taken at Swanbourne, City beach & the finish point at Scarborough. Thanks & I hope you enjoy them. Stay safe. Gordon.

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22 Dec 2015 2:39PM
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Incredibly good photos.
I've bought kitesurfing action photos from TSP last year and again this year as they are so high quality.
Check out the link, the photos are awesome! Just imagine if there had been waves as well, they'd be all time.

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24 Dec 2015 6:43PM
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Heres a video from my gopro footage for the Santa downwinder. A few of you are featured in the pics, also people catching sharks there in the middle!!


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"Who needs a Sleigh ( Santa Downwinder )" started by TrueSpirit