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Thank you all for giving us a great time

Created by OzoneGermany > 9 months ago, 25 Mar 2014
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28 Mar 2014 3:18PM
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waveslave said..

OzoneGermany said..

Take care and safe travels for all of you!

Cheers Christian.

It seems the internet, especially social media sites ...

have really proven to be great outlets for attention-seeking whores,

and other assorted douchenozzles to express themselves.


You talking about yourself there Slave?

WA, 321 posts
28 Mar 2014 9:56PM
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dusta said..

f$cking idiots .

have to say uve let me down dusta! was expecting a bigger spray... if not the car stunt then the use of the gopro.... or maybe cus there was no jetskis it made up for it haha

serious thought ozone germany pretty damn stupid things to do... not sure how you thought posting this online wouldn't get a bit of a backlash...think next time...

Mark _australia
WA, 21353 posts
28 Mar 2014 11:08PM
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balidru said..
Yes it was very silly to do what they did but looking at all your reactions (especially yours Mark,) there is no wonder they call WA DULSVILLE.

blah blah

I like dull if your idea of an interesting State is where we condone stuff they they did, so no thanks.

Are you serious that because they did not fall off the car, that it is OK behaviour? Sh!t go tell your kids to play with matches cos most of the time it is OK.

We have enough carsurfing fkwits here, we don't need to import more.

WA, 4263 posts
29 Mar 2014 1:07PM
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OzoneGermany said..

[[admin: video removed ]]

I wonder why the vid was pulled ?

Maybe someone thought it was bad for the Ozone brand ?

WA, 617 posts
29 Mar 2014 11:02PM
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Alot of people who waggle fingers describe worse case scenarios and dont actually do
crazy outrageous things that spider building climbing guy..or basejumpers in cities etc (!).. we all know them.reserved people..shy people..square nuts.....biggots..rascists... ..never step out of their comfort zone or travel'abroad' to discover &broaden their brain like these guys did..
no idea if mark etc is one of those types in secret..but i do know that he's just describing "worse case scenario" as i guess the'port authorities' were!!.. And someone had to in.this case hay.
If that was me balidru i would have asked that guy'why'? So i understood the reason(if any)..i am really interested to hear the reason now...just because i like diving...if they cant give a good enough reason for being overpedantic i would then see it as bollocks....
In turqouise bay in a northern national park u have to get out of a drift snorkel at a corner or u can be sucked out and drown..the navy pier was a "public dive" until 9/11 and the usa raf has now protected it as its in top ten nuclear hitlist now apparently
its the same for anything..kiteing by electricity poles when u cant stay upwind etc...
And this..::

hanging fully out of a car mid highway has its worse case scenarios too(mark)
personally i allways look at them in an attempt to stay safe...and heed the warnings of others...these guys didnt....such as if the tyre blew from heat his friend would be dead..blowouts!..i guess lots have seen them u cant control the thing!....and cows roos goats and vandal spikes etc

Thats why we all thought it was just bloody stupid..prima donna.priscilla queen of the desert/burning man festival fun..but no real safety measures as done in the 'movies'. Me&a mate want to do a coral bay to exmouth 150km inner reef kite run one ph reception etc..but yeap we will take precautions&another friend will be in a support car..and no law broken..

WA, 617 posts
30 Mar 2014 1:19AM
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balidru said...

Yes it was very silly to do what they did .

He said it was very silly what they did. Sorry..I am just practicing quoting

I am just glad it was removed so that it didnt fuel any'anti~euro' stuff.... ..& i fell off a car roof car surfing in venezuela..lots of giant crabs on the beach. Total knockout..lesson learnt..

WA, 534 posts
30 Mar 2014 10:54AM
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Guys I think the original post is not worth the effort some are investing into it now. Vid was crap, unaware of bad image for both the brand and the country (continent) the guys are from. Heaps of bogan Aussies misbehaving especially abroad, pretty much the same for any nation really. Redneck comments using such crap posts to further fuel the "euro" hatred are even more stupid and embarassing. Hope autumn brings some ok wind so we can all use our energy on the water rather than here

NSW, 4188 posts
31 Mar 2014 8:49AM
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