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Rosebud tomorrow (22/05)

Created by TitoBR > 9 months ago, 21 May 2016
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21 May 2016 6:50PM
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Hello everyone,

Forecast for Rosebud tomorrow looks great.

Me and my wife were planning to go there, but as we just got in Melbourne couple of weeks ago, still haven't got a car.

If there is anyone planning to go, and could give us a ride from Melbourne (we can meet you anywhere in the city), it would be really appreciated....Of course we can share the trip costs!

Thanks a lot and good winds!


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22 May 2016 2:02AM
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I normally go to gate 12, but it is not great at low tide, are there any better options further along? (I don't like water less than knee deep for tricks)

Thanks for any suggestions.


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"Rosebud tomorrow (22/05)" started by TitoBR