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Northwest/North Kiters

Created by EJames 8 months ago, 27 Nov 2018
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27 Nov 2018 3:55PM
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Hey peeps,

Wondering if theres a whatsapp/similar group for kiters up this way? I live in Port Sorell and haven't seen too many about, I generally travel if the wind is elsewhere though!


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9 Mar 2019 7:27AM
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How many regular kiters are up on the NW/ North coast?, ive heard mixed reports.

Whatssapp ...The Southern group has members using it on the east coast.... if you want to travel...

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9 Mar 2019 1:03PM
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Hard to say, most times I'm out, there is no one around but probably 5 or 6 regulars around Stanley. Most people I meet on the west coast are tourists from Hobart.

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12 Mar 2019 7:51AM
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There's a group of us on viber. But things are really in a lull up here. A lot of the time when it's blowing I have trouble finding anyone much interested in getting wet.

I mostly drive to stanley to kite these days

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18 Mar 2019 6:19PM
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Pm me if you want to be added to the NW whatsapp group

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19 Mar 2019 6:38AM
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Planning on touring that area easter and week after Easter.
Marrawah and stanley are probable but waiting for the wind


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