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Where to kite Sunshine Beach ESE

Created by CapnCal > 9 months ago, 28 Dec 2018
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28 Dec 2018 11:06AM
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Where is best to kite in Sunshine beach in a ESE breeze.

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29 Dec 2018 8:07AM
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Anywhere you like really, just ensure you stay clear of the flagged areas and any swimmers/surfers in the water. There
is generally not much power in an ESE wind. Getting off the beach will be difficult. There
is usually a sweep running down the beach to contend with (north or south bound depending on the prevailing wind). Hope you go well dude

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30 Dec 2018 7:49PM
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CapnCal said..
Where is best to kite in Sunshine beach in a ESE breeze.

An easy option is to catch the 620 bus along David Low Way -- goes every 1/2 hour.. so in a in ESE go towards Coolum (or further) and do downwinder back to Sunshine... Hassle is the pump. I some times leave and retrieve later..
Flat water - suggest look at site guide a bit further down QLD page for specifics, basically Maroochy or Caloundra Rivers with out going tide can add a few knots to apparent wind... - but no fun if you can't re-launch...


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