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Watch your gear at KFC and Shearwater in Gold Coast

Created by SavageCarrot > 9 months ago, 17 Feb 2019
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17 Feb 2019 2:12PM
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I generally trust other kiters and hate to think of kiters taking advantage of each other, however my bar and lines were stolen off the beach at KFC last week. The lines were about 3 metres unwound and I went back to the car for less than 5 minutes, and when I returned the bar was gone. It was right on the waterline surrounded by kites.

I spent the next 4 hours looking at every ozone bar on the beach and even looking under shrubs, while my mate had a good session.

One week later, after posting on the KFC kiters group, an ozone bar was returned to me by one of the locals but it wasn't mine, as I discovered after a 3 hour round trip to collect it from Byron Bay. It was in very poor condition and pretty worn out, so it looks like someone may have "accidentally" ended up with my bar and hasn't yet noticed that his bar is 2 seasons newer than it was last week.

Not sure what really happened, but take good care of your gear if you kite up that way.

Fly on da wall
VIC, 709 posts
18 Feb 2019 5:27PM
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That's shocking.. These types of people should get a conscience and stop scamming people but that's what the gold coast is all about. Obviously someone has traded up at your expense. Not COOL.

QLD, 25 posts
22 Feb 2019 3:49PM
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Sorry to hear you didn't get it returned. Such a shame as I've considered this sport to be more friendly than most.

On another note... As my first kite at the famous KFC that day, got to say its looose. At High tide and struggling to get a clear spot to launch and land... so move your bloody kites off to the grass or deflate them. Makes sense yeah? Then it seemed the local kiters where having a great time.. (well thats the aim I know) but with a VB in hand launching while others are trying to come land. Then there's the bloke popping jumps right at the launch spot... yeah look at me. Is it always like that at KFC?

Maybe try and not get another spot banned then all cry about the good ol times. Great spot, don't lose it guys.

QLD, 9 posts
24 Feb 2019 11:26AM
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Sorry to hear of your poor experience fella's. Thanks for your thoughts Orac, I feel obliged to reply. The following is meant with respect to all...

As locals, we do try and self regulate, there are many non locals who kite here. (Tourists are welcome, wankers are not, and will be told)

There are language barriers at this location!!!

I would consider it a experienced Kiter location.

In saying that, so not cool about your bar and lines. I will ask around a bit... not sure it's going to help. I am going to assume a non local has picked it up and done the bolt and a local has found the dodgy bar and lines and posted it in the local group. Who knows...

It is a crowed spot. Many locals pump up by the road and walk down to the launch spot when it's busy. The bike path is busy, the BBQ's are busy just behind the spot. It's just a busy area most of the time.... Parking is an issue...

Tips for those who need them...

The spot does not work on a southerly. It becomes dangerous due to wind shadows. If you catch a gust, there are trees to catch your kite and a friendly rock wall to greet your face.

Do not run your lines on or near the bike path. (Sounds like a no brainer but you would be surprised)

Please avoid teaching here if possible... We as locals do not think it's a great idea but doable at the appropriate time.

When you are having a break between sessions wrap up your lines around your bar or in a sloppy figure 8 and try to place your kite out of the way as best as possible.

Lastly... If your coming into land... give the beach the landing signal... drop your board... land the kite... if it's busy... tack out and try again... The considerate local Kiter's will notice your hand signal even when your riding in, not just when you have stopped.

As for jumping close to launch/land area... I hope they are insured with KA cause it's going to come unstuck one day for those Kiter's... Happy to PM those who wish to hear my personal experience with helping Kiter's who have ****ed up big time at this spot.

Hey fly on the wall... Nice opinions mate... do you kite up this way much? If so, Lets have a session, a beer and a chat sometime... you sound amusing...

In closing, please feel free to find a local and have a chat on the beach if you need help. But, if you are being a douche, you will be told.

I hope some other locals chip in with their views. It is a great spot when it's on and it needs a group effort to keep it that way.

Hope this helps Savage Carrot and Orac.
Best winds

QLD, 306 posts
24 Feb 2019 3:57PM
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KFC is a true cluster f***. I always used to kite the surf but it seldom worked on a northerly. South East was best . For an area as big as the coast, flat water launch sites are limited, and crowded. No thanks.


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