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Spending some days at Sunshine Beach/Noosa - Twintip or Foil?

Created by mentholelch > 9 months ago, 24 Apr 2019
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24 Apr 2019 11:12PM
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Heya all,

just a very quick question to the Noosa/Sunshine locals:
I will be spending some days in your beautiful Sunshine Beach/Noosa area (around first week May) and later in Brisbane (third week May).

I am travelling for work (convention in Brisbane 2nd week May), but am bringing my kitestuff.
Now am wondering should I even bother bringing the Twintip with the forecast showing around 10-15 Knots max? :)

I am a well advanced kitesurfer on Twintip, but since half a year I am sooo much into foiling that I think maybe it is the best idea to take the foil.

My largest kite (and probably the only one I'd bring) is a 12m Flysurfer Soul, which I can Foil comfortably from steady 6 Knots to around 15 Knots. Above 15 Knots I would switch straight to my TT.

Any wise thoughts about this?


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29 Apr 2019 7:58AM
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This time of year is getting to the end of our season, so having wind well under the the 12-15 knot mark is very likely - especially in Brisbane.

I would guess you would be more likely to have good conditions for the hydrofoil over that period.

With a 12 Soul, if you could sneak in both the twin tip and the Hydrofoil, you would be covered for pretty much all the conditions you are likely to get around Brisbane this time of year.


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"Spending some days at Sunshine Beach/Noosa - Twintip or Foil?" started by mentholelch