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Noosa bar - estimating wind speed

Created by willace2 > 9 months ago, 6 Oct 2017
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6 Oct 2017 5:17PM
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G'day Sunny Coast folk,

Just moved to Tewantin and keen to get out on Noosa bar, but having trouble working out the wind. Does anyone have a way of estimating the wind at the bar based on the BOM wind observations at Tewantin and Maroochydore? No exact formula required, but would be good to know when it's over 15kts,

In other words, what tells you to get in the car and GO GO GO?


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6 Oct 2017 9:30PM
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The wind at noosa is usually 5 knots more than the wind reading for tewantin on Seabreeze. I reckon as soon as the arrows go yellow for tewantin I would go down.

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8 Oct 2017 7:48PM
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BTW not against Tewantin but it is prone to getting influenced by thermals and local ground effects..
my thoughts...
A couple of things come into play..
The tide can give you 3-4 knots boost but be aware of the consequences..
Refer to the site text I wrote a few years back..
Get clean blow direction from Spitfire channel,
The Maroochydore reading is on balance more consistent than Tewantin.. So 13+knts on an outgoing tide with TT and kite suited for your weight...
In a good seabreeze be aware that the forecast is often low as the section of coast from Noosa to Caloundra tends to get the strongest effect in a NE'ly compare to Brisbane / GCoast....

Now if someone knows where to access the coast guard weather station feed at the bar where the camera feed comes from then bingo.

JIC this is a modeled for a better local prediction than SB which is for a spot offshore me thinks...
If you have not used this b4 just play around ..

- The easy answer is get to know George/Fiona and ring their shop..

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11 Oct 2017 10:07AM
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You want an outgoing tide and a NE breeze for the river mouth. As above the tide adds 3-5 knots so you *can* go out with a 10knot breeze - but it won't be fun. The tewantin wind speed is measured out the front of the pub so it's dodgy at the best of times. Look at DI and Maroochydore and go from there.


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