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KBQNT/NKL/ Personal Letter

Created by KBQNT > 9 months ago, 8 Oct 2015
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8 Oct 2015 9:25AM
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Hi all

Well, here we are - a really important Event is now happening right here on our doorstep.
It has taken 3 years to get accepted with many, many meetings and time off to sort. I am now full time organising the NKL with a great team of various skilled people. I have found major sponsors that believe in me and the future of kiteboarding - to put CASH on the table. I have worked hard helping to establish kiteboarding events. I guess what I am saying here is:
"If I give you my life - will you enter my competition for the FUN of it?"

The National Kiteboarding Comp is now born! Part of an Australasian Series and with NZ on board makes it look huge -
(Not as big as the NRL or the Cowboys!!!) BUT - it's still going to be a user friendly comp aimed at new comers to the
sport and new to competition.

We all know who the top kiters are locally - and yes they will dominate the high scores.
BUT we really need the Intermediates that dominate the mid range scores to enter as well.
NKL in it's 1st year would like to fill the Ranking board with at least 15 Qld Freestylers and 15 Qld Wave riders minimum - and would be happy to show scores ranging from 150 points to 900+ points - showing we are a state that loves our kiteboarding.

Not only will it be lot of fun - like the KITEjAM ( Not Gone - just moved to Sunny Coast end of Feb 2016) the NKL is very important as it has a goal after 3 years of establishing kiteboarding as a Nationally recognised sport in the eyes of the Government (ASC) which gives every state Association better credentials and power to have waterways and beaches stay open. The NKL is also about having Australia ready for when kiteboarding enters the Olympics in years to come - we know it will happen, and by then the NKL will be - with your support - our premier kiteboarding event.

OK, so do not let all that rattle you - just to say, if you are NOT THAT GOOD - enter the NKL and have some fun!
Sure you may get 220 points out of 1000 BUT you are on the national Tally board, that is a BIG deal at any score.
Example - look at the VKWC and there are 9 kiters from Denmark ranked at 75-82 scoring around 150-220 points!
I marvel at the top scoring VKWC riders but now have a great respect for Denmark kiters as they have made their mark and obviously want to make a bigger mark, heading up the ladder in years to come.

The NKL has a format of heats that will have you kiting everyday to try and improve your score.
* You will be riding in your own class with fellow mates.
* You do not get knocked out early and waste days of non competing.
* You will have your Mug Shot taken and broadcast around OZ & NZ ( maybe even a great pic we took too!)
* You will get all the usual Event Stuff Tee/Food/ Drink and goodies
* You will see our sponsors and gear hanging around to try.
* BONUS - the there is an Intermission BIG AIR Competition held each day around 2pm - Separate FUN Comp - BOOST AWAY!
* And there is a FREE "HAVE-A-GO" session each day with 8 Trainer kites on site for your family and friends to try!
And so on! You get the drift .....

So, time to step up Qld and in particular all kiters from Sunny Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and even further away areas and take 4 days off - book into the Caravan Park at Main Beach or stay at the YHA Surfers on Seaworld drive with mates - and have a 4 day adventure with us and the NKL. Most will know from attending the JAM that we always have good winds in this 4 day window and it is just a fantastic spectacle and a lot of fun. Nothing has changed - we just need you and more new comers - especially as this is the OPENING EVENT that gets beamed everywhere!

Register online for $90 now, (Link Below) you must be a member of KA and if you are not - there is a special event membership for only $60 that you can pay later via their website. (with option to upgrade later for the year) We check you are a member when you arrive at the gig! Being a member also helps US - KBQNT Inc - look after your waterways and Beaches and does everything we said above plus gives you public liability and injury insurance. We have already been involved in items at Broadwater and Shearwater GC and are involved with the SC Council. We are planning the KITEjAM plus some downwinders with your favourite shops on board!

Lastly - “just do it!” you spend $000’s on gear – spend $90 on a National Series that will open doors for us all in the future!
KBQNT is organising your NKL and has dedicated a lot of time and effort. I have taken 6 months off to put this event series together and look forward to your assistance making sure the event is the best it can be.

Reg Link:

Thanks in advance

David De Witt
KBQNT Inc for
NKL Series

ps If your EXAMS are on the Thursday and Friday of the 4 days -
you can enter for the WEEKEND Heats only. NKL= User Friendly!

Just tick the box when you register that asks if are a Student doing exams!

SEABREEZE is a SPONSOR of the NKL so you will see lots being posted on SEABREEZE!

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8 Oct 2015 1:09PM
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Good to see your finally up and running David, Would be fun to compete again, not that ill do any good but its fun to crash in front of a lot of people! Do you have the weekend option for those of us who have to work weekdays?


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