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Is the northern end of Tugun beach ok to launch?

Created by darbid > 9 months ago, 26 May 2019
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26 May 2019 2:22PM
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Have been doing a little bit of theoretical research (unfortunately I don't live anywhere near there) on Tugun beach.

From the Google Maps guide I see the red zone for the beach due to Civil Aviation rules and regulations. Found this Google Maps link in this post

Also found this post on a similar topic.

And this post also has a pic blocking most of the beach except the northern end.

I am planning a holiday and could be spending a bit of time right at the beach at Kropp Park. Do people already launch from here? What is your opinion on kiting a safe, acceptable and respectful distance north of the Tugun SLSC?

I am aware that just north is probably one of the best and a very popular spot which I am sure to visit as well. But I might be staying in a place pretty close to the Tugun beach and it would be great not to need a car.

This is the image on the Google Maps guide.

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27 May 2019 8:15AM
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That would be fine up that way. Iv been told by federal police on the beach at mills street by memory that they don't really care as long as your not static launching on the beach or hanging out at 12. Thats because your kite shows up on their screen when you do.
If security does come down or police for a chat , please don't abuse them, there have been a few people to do that. They are pretty friendly.

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27 May 2019 9:53AM
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this is the latest info on that area - with input from CASA. Hope it clears things up


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"Is the northern end of Tugun beach ok to launch?" started by darbid