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How many knots use to be on Gold Coast?

Created by juanjo > 9 months ago, 11 Aug 2017
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12 Aug 2017 12:00AM
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Hi there! I'm arriving to gold coast in one month from Spain and I want to know how many knots you use to have? Should I bring my 7mtrs with me? I have 7,10 and 12mtrs and I can't bring all of them with me on the plane. Any help or info it's welcome! Thanks a lot and good wind!????????

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12 Aug 2017 5:51AM
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Generally 15-25knts....leave the 7 behind and maybe even the 10

September is the start of our season....looks like it could be a hot summer,,,30 degrees next week and it's still winter

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12 Aug 2017 10:39AM
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This is a guide...
So choose month = September
Choose nearest location = Brisbane (not g8 but best available)
Choose time of day 3pm is better
Note reading in Kms/Hr a lot of our wind graphs use knots .. 1 knot = 1.85 kms/hr I remember 10knots = 20 kms/hr (almost)

Where to kite:
Try satellite view way better!!

Decide surfboard = smaller kite say 2 meters less than twin tip.



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