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Great Keppel Island

Created by cmrls23 > 9 months ago, 3 Jul 2019
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3 Jul 2019 4:16PM
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Hey guys,
May have scored a couple of weeks work on GKI in mid july - trying to work out whether its worth lugging my kite gear or surf boards over on the ferry? Will have dive and fishing gear too so trying not to be the guy with 8 bags on the ferry.

Google says there are surf spots but sound pretty fickle and I'm sure there will be wind this time of year but the satellite view doesn't look like there will be any crazy flatwater spots or anything like that. just a long walk to a beach that would be copping these SE winds.

any tips would be much appreciated

WA, 668 posts
3 Jul 2019 6:28PM
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Use to take me about 45 minutes to kite to great keppell from zilzie
Just be aware plenty of tigers and bulls in the water

QLD, 4 posts
13 Jul 2019 9:57AM
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Have you got to GKI yet, I'm coming over in August & have booked to bring kiteboarding gear on ferry. Have not been before but kited on many other Qld islands. Looks like it's a bit of a trek along the beach from hideaway bay to the SE wind beach?

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13 Jul 2019 6:57PM
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I've been to gki many times but never kited, there always seemed to be more wind than the main land. Unless you have access to a atv like the ones the businesses along fisherman's beach use then the walk to ethier beaches that would be good in a se/ne is a fair hike.

QLD, 1680 posts
17 Jul 2019 2:11PM
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No wind this time of year bro. I live at KEmp beach and it's glass out there this time of year


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