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Airlie Beach/Bowen info and anyone heading out this week (Aug 9th-15th)?

Created by tweeker333 > 9 months ago, 6 Aug 2017
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6 Aug 2017 11:13AM
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Hey all. Am heading up to Airlie Beach this week (Aug 9th-15th). Just after some info or anything to look out for. Also, keen to meet up with local crew if you are heading out. From what I've read so far, Conway & Bowen are the best bets. Looking forward to hitting the water! Coming from Tassie (ie: single digit temps etc. Ha).

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6 Aug 2017 11:45AM
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G'day Tweek. Forecast for next week has dropped off a bit for Bowen, so hopefully it turns it on for you. It has been swinging around of late from SE to ESE. We kite at the front beach on SE and the Don mouth on ESE.
The Don has changed a fair bit after the cyclone and now it's even better than before. Lots of big sand bars and dead flat water??
Leave your wettie at home, been kiting in boardies and a 1mm rashie. 25-27C and water temp is roughly 22-23C. Get on to BBK Facebook messenger and Ken will help you out. Ross is from Airlie but mainly kites up here. You can get a hold of him through BBK Facebook as well if you want to kite Conway.
Might catch you if I'm not working and hope the wind is on for you.

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10 Aug 2017 2:48PM
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Wow. You're going to love it there. Even without any wind, that place is like a $5000 Indo holiday, without the expense. Enjoy! Take your biggest kite just in case.


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"Airlie Beach/Bowen info and anyone heading out this week (Aug 9th-15th)?" started by tweeker333