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Zeeko Alloy Bullet w/ Carver (710) Wing

Created by TomKites > 9 months ago, 21 Jun 2020
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21 Jun 2020 3:20PM
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Thought I would do a quick review of the Zeeko Bullet Alloy foil with the Carver (710) front wing and Pocket Air V3 board. I have seen little to no information on this in English, so hope this helps anyone trying to find info. I will focus on the foil first and then the board.

Why Zeeko: I chose Zeeko based on numerous testimonials from friends I was kiting with who rode them. Essentially my friend chose the set up that he believed would best match my riding ability (kite surfing 3 years on a directional - average kiter at best. I have no connection to the company and do not get anything for doing a review.
Packaging: the Zeeko foils come in a nice carrying case for keeping all your kit together. Each wing has its own pocket or sleeve and the mast fits into the base. The foil comes with a hex tool that is at best crap. It will work in a pinch but I used my own tools or friends tools to construct and deconstruct whenever possible.
Mast / fuselage: the alloy mast and fuselage is well made and easy to construct. There was no trimming adjustment, just connect and go. The fuselage seemed solid, as a beginner I had nothing to compare it to. I Chose the 90cm mast, which I thought would be harder to learn on but better in the conditions I ride in once I got some experience.
Wings: The wings are made out of a patented material which seems extremely strong. Multiple friends have ridden their foils into the sand and beach with rocks and the wings come out fine. The front wing is a flat connection with three screws and my friend has connected other brand wings onto the fuselage.

Pocket Air V3: this board is marketed as a crossover kite surf and foil board. I thought it came with fins but it didn't and requires custom fins (has plug holes for screws, doesn't use FCS I/II). The graphics are straight out of a late eighties music video, but the board is stiff and well constructed. It has multiple foot strap insert points. The foil mount is only one position - there is no track. This position was perfect for me and I did not feel like I needed to move the mount aft / rear.
Riding Experience: I had tried foiling once for about an hour on a large Naish surf wing and failed horribly. I don't count that as real experience, so my first time on the Zeeko was really my first time trying to ride. The first session was what can be expected, getting launched over and trying to figure out where I was supposed to stand. I managed to get up and putter along the surface, just focusing on keeping the board down.

The second time was the charm- I was using a 12m kite in light wind, and the larger kite gave me the necessary power (and enough depower) to get on top and riding. As most of you that foil remember, this was the first real ride and the "AHA" moment for me. I finally realized what all the foil kooks were going on about and I was grinning ear to ear.
The Carver wing was smooth and provided consistent lateral stability and the pitch was extremely easy to control. In the span of two hours I was able to get up and go in both directions. I was using a front strap and the 710 provided steady lift that was progressive and easy to control - it never just launched me up and moderate pressure on the front foot kept the foil at the desired height. I was using the 90 cm mast, so my only goal was to get the board off the water and maintain the level to prevent me from porpoising. The wings did break the surface a number of times- the first time I crashed but the second time I was able to recover it. For my lack of experience and ease of use, I thought the Zeeko Bullet Foil with Carver wing was great - simple and effective. The foil and wing are fast but I never felt like I was accelerating out of control- even when moving downwind toward the kite, I could turn upwind and re-engage the kite with minimal effort.The board works for me- if I did it again I probably would Have chosen the Scrambler or another brand's board. But the board length, upturn in the nose and balance all seemed to work for learning.
Hope this helps someone else looking at Zeeko.

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22 Jun 2020 8:24AM
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awesome review mate and congrats on your success, I'm hoping to do the same before next summer kicks in :)


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