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Shinn Monk Glitch

Created by flyer100 > 9 months ago, 28 Sep 2020
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28 Sep 2020 2:20PM
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Rider -Advanced
Weight -90kg
Board -Shinn Glitch 133x41
Wind -16-25+ knots

Hi Guys,
Just got back from 2 weeks up at Exmouth in WA, kiting Sandy bay,osprey bay and graveyards on the new Monk Glitch from Shinn and found the board to be seriously awesome.When you hear the blurb from the manufacturer on the changes and how the handling characteristics will
improve and so on,its only natural to be sceptical,but everything Mark Shinn lays down in the promo is spot on.
Having ridden every Shinn Monk since the start,the Glitch is the first real step up in design change from Shinn on the Monk series and they've just nailed it.
Like all Monks,it locks in,zero spray and if you thought the earlier Monks were good in the chop,the glitch just irons out a 1 foot wind chop
as if its NON-EXISTENT.Seriously impressive in this department!
I found it a touch skatey going from heelside to toeside at first,but once i became more confident in the handling and started carrying more speed the grip was fantastic.
Had a blast on a 8M dice at ospreybay in 25 knots,(which by then on a lowish tide the chop was starting to resemble a small wave)and this thing just ate it !!!!
The amount of pure grip this board has is amazing and ill guarantee your backleg gives up before the board will.
The new footpads are a HUGE improvement from Shinn and super comfy.
If you're already a Monk rider you'll be frothing!!!,and if you're not,you're possibly going to be stepping onto the best Monk
these guys have produced!

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12 Oct 2020 8:09AM
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After 6 years on the same Shinn Monk the hype around the Glitch sparked my interest, 5 sessions later and with a healthy dose of memories my old Monk has been forced in to retirement. To get a true feel for the board I put the same bindings and fins onto the Glitch that I had on my old Monk.

Man, what a board. The new bottom profile retains its chop handling ability, engage an edge and it's an upwind weapon. The grip on carving turns or slashing off the top of a wave is one of its true strengths, you can feel the flex in the tips kick in giving a locked in smooth exit. The flexibility in the tips also assists in producing good pop for jumps and allows for softer landings when compared to my old monk.

The Glitch delivers everything that the marketing guru's talk it up to be, if I had to describe the board in one word "phenomenal" comes to mind.

Demo one, it will not disappoint.

WA, 1128 posts
12 Oct 2020 1:03PM
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Awesome review. Makes me want to demo one.

NSW, 155 posts
16 Oct 2020 6:07AM
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Can only echo the above comments on the new Glitch - it is awesome. My go to has been a 133 Monk Forever for 4 years and I was skeptical the new one would be better, but it is!! Eats chop, turns on a dime, easy on my aging knees and very predictable even at speed. Only change I've made is shorter fins. Just love this board!!!


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