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Created by PusherII Two weeks ago, 15 May 2020
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15 May 2020 6:58PM
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Hi there, i actually surf lithiums and would like to try some raileys or unhooked back/frontroll

I never understood if a dedicated kite for unhooking, like RPM, FX, VEGAS etc, or pure C kite, is just for the slack, or also other features.
I mean, can i approach the tricks i described with my lithiums?

QLD, 114 posts
18 May 2020 3:03PM
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yes you can

QLD, 42 posts
22 May 2020 12:45PM
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Most kites will be fine for basic unhooked tricks like Raileys, Back rolls, and Front rolls as long as you trim the kite correctly.

Your Lithiums should also be fine/good for unhooked, powered loops (like this:


My understanding is that the slack you get from a dedicated freestyle kite becomes important for the handle-pass tricks, so the kite isn't trying to pull your arms out of their socket.

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22 May 2020 6:59PM
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I was under the impression that the reason you need to transition to C-kites is the opposite. A freeride kite will push to the edge of the window and generate less power when you load them up. A C-kite will sit in the same place and give you constant power.

Back to the original post though. Yep its fine. If you want proof, here's someone doing handlepasses on a single strut kite that's way less suitable for freestyle than your lithium (skip to 1:47 onwards):



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