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Struggleing with a new trick your learning?

Created by causehecan > 9 months ago, 9 Jul 2019
WA, 668 posts
9 Jul 2019 8:17PM
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hes got a great point about how social media makes the pros look like theyre landing tricks with 100% success rate. Which simply isnt the case

During the end of the video he explains it took him 125 attempts over 4 session to land a new trick.

So dont get disheartened or scared off when you stuff up your first few backrolls or raleys because youve got 100 to go :)

QLD, 377 posts
24 Nov 2019 6:44AM
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What's with him smacking is kite onto the rocks and path?

QLD, 951 posts
29 Nov 2019 9:27AM
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I've tried tricks with my wife to let me buy more kites. It worked after hmm about 60 attempts, with a flip and a roll there.


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"Struggleing with a new trick your learning?" started by causehecan