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Set up for the misses

Created by hydrocarbion Two weeks ago, 10 Jan 2020
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10 Jan 2020 3:21AM
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G'day everyone,

So the girlfriend is looking at getting into kite surfing and were not to sure what size kite/board would be best for her.

She is 62kg, 158cm tall and primarily be kitting Perth location, so 19-26knots.

We have been looking at charts on the web but they all say different things.

Hope to hear from you all soon

WA, 7699 posts
10 Jan 2020 3:15PM
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Twintip or surfboard' brands and models also differ in performance' my daughter's similar weight I've got a 6 and 9 catalyst v1 by ozone and 132 tt

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10 Jan 2020 7:15PM
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Hi hydrocarbion,

your priority should be about getting some quality instruction and worry about equipment later.

You should know that not all kites develop the same power for the same size between various models and brands. Ultimately choosing a small kite size or a small board will make more sense in stronger winds and a slightly larger kite size and board will make more sense in lighter winds. The difference between 18 and 25 knots is pretty big especially for a light weight rider.

For a 62 KG beginner in Perth, you should consider a 7M or 8M kite and approximately a 135cm board. Below is the kite size/board size chart we display on our website as a guide for our customers. At the very early stages of the her progression, a larger board (140-145cm) might help especially in lighter winds (18-22 knots). In our school we always give students larger boards to help them progress much faster. Once the technique and stance is good, larger boards are no longer necessary. Also, as a beginner, having a bit more power is always helpful so getting a 8m kite now make sense, and maybe 1-2 years down the road a 7m kite is she gets enough experience and skill. Better technique means more efficiency which translates in using smaller size kites and smaller size boards.

Hope this helps

Christian - KiteBud

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11 Jan 2020 7:22PM
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Everything Christian said is right, but I'm going to make it even simpler.
If you live south of the river go to wa surf and kite addiction.
If you live north go to action sports and kitebud.
Then just buy whatever they tell you.
They all really know their stuff, I've bought from all of them.
Kitebud carpark sale is coming up in two weeks if that helps.


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"Set up for the misses" started by hydrocarbion