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Old Bar

Created by The Mass 1 month ago, 25 Oct 2021
The Mass
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25 Oct 2021 10:30AM
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Heading there Thurs to Sat, any tips for relative beginner

NSW, 18 posts
25 Oct 2021 2:52PM
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Hi The Mass

Kited the entrance a couple of weeks ago on an outgoing tide with a NE with a windsurfing friend. (This is what we use to kite years ago) but now the entrance is further south the current will kill your power and if you fall off take your board out to sea.
It would be good on an incoming tide to the North of the entrance for an experienced rider during a NE as the water would push against the wind
I haven't kited it on a SE yet as I have only just fixed the bladders in my kite and have been in isolation due to kids being close contacts, but the entrance would work on an outgoing tide as the current would add to the wind.
For a beginner the sand flats on a SE are safest as you will ride the channel next to the dunes but you will need a high tide as there is not much water below mid tide on the flats. NE to SE should be ok just be careful of the entrance and the shore bird nesting areas.
Also as a beginner pump up on the grass area (under the arrow) the walk out to the sand bars to set your lines and launch.
Most locals kite the surf at Wallabi Pt.

Depending on conditions I might get out on the weekend.

Cheers Booga


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