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Kite Girl's First Darkslide

Created by KarolinaKite 4 months ago, 22 Jan 2020
NSW, 22 posts
22 Jan 2020 9:48PM
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Kite Girl's First is my new series of videos where I want to share my love for learning new tricks! Each month I will try to learn 1 new trick that I have never done before and will share my journey with you! These aren't tutorials, these videos will show you my real learning steps! I want to inspire my fellow kiteboarders to try new tricks, have fun even when it's an easy one and keep on progressing! Becoming a better kiteboarder every session is something I always try to pursue! All my videos have English and Polish subtitles in case you want to watch it at work :) Alright, my fellow kiteboarder let's send it this YEAR! Don't forget to Subscribe to my YT channel to get the latest videos!

VIC, 730 posts
25 Jan 2020 10:53PM
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I don't have the right kite or conditions for darkslides, but this video inspired me to try it anyway. I didn't do so well but it was a lot of fun.
Keep the vids coming.

QLD, 896 posts
31 Jan 2020 12:35PM
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Sorry but I didn't learn a thing from this video. Where's the actual step-by-step guide? ooohh lookyy.. I found one!


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"Kite Girl's First Darkslide" started by KarolinaKite