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Bigger board????

Created by Vince68 > 9 months ago, 28 Feb 2019
WA, 664 posts
28 Feb 2019 5:10PM
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Would a bigger board expand my wind range for my one 8m kite quiver. I'm currently riding a 138 twin tip with an 8m Lithium. The problem i have is when the wind is fluctuating 17-18 kn i struggle to get going or maintain going. Suggestions were to get a bigger kite which make sense but then someone mentioned get a bigger board. Will a bigger board expand my wind range.
I'm 72kg, riding an Airush switch 138 and piloting an 8m Lithium. I love it when it's a good 18kn and above but when the wind is pissing around and i'm friggin despite to get wet i have a ****e time. Trying to find a 10m Lithium is proving hard at the moment and it can be quite costly new.

I have spoken to two people and got two different opinions

Will a bigger board fill the gap or should i not be a tight-ass.

NSW, 1199 posts
1 Mar 2019 8:28AM
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A big board will work and it is a cheaper option.

VIC, 453 posts
1 Mar 2019 12:54PM
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Another board will only give you a couple of knots more wind range, another kite will give you around 10 more knots, 10m is the best fun size to fly imo.

I would look for a shop special / superseded and use afterpay and some cash. Mention you have the Airrush bar and lines and give them the line lengths

This way you will get a new quality product from a aussie retailer with a warranty.

Cheers mate

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1 Mar 2019 12:02PM
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If it was me I'd put the money for the 2nd board towards a 2nd kite, get more knots.

QLD, 1266 posts
1 Mar 2019 3:50PM
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You need a bigger kite for lighter winds on a twin Tip

NSW, 10872 posts
2 Mar 2019 11:31PM
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I am about 95kgs. I am still in the learning phase though.

I have two boards that are 144x43 or so, and I was struggling to smoothly waterstart them at times and would have to go a bit further downwind that I would like to get them going.

This season I took my half completed home made board with me, which is about 155x55, and it made a world of difference. The thing almost waterstarts itself it is that nice and will keep on planing through the lulls when the kite doesn't have enough power.

In windsurfing, you can switch to bigger boards to keep you coasting through the lulls, and from what I have found its the same with kiting. Its nice being able to just swap out the boards too and go from struggling to having a much smoother ride instead of rerigging a bigger kite.

WA, 664 posts
3 Mar 2019 4:42PM
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Thanks for the feedback gang


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