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Southerly flatwater mid north coast?

Created by needsalt 7 months ago, 13 Mar 2021
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13 Mar 2021 7:57PM
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Hi. Any hot tips for good southerly spots with flat-ish water anywhere north of Newcastle? Grateful for any advice

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13 Mar 2021 7:36PM
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g'day needsalt
I first had lessons in 2015 and went to smiths lake - near the caravan park camp ground and the beach - kited(tried to kite - super manned and swallowed a lot of saltwater really)
you could stand up in the water and was nice and flat - the mouth to ocean was closed though, which meant that there was water to kite on - I think when the mouth is open it may be to shallow/dry

and the wind had some east in it
don't know what it is like there now

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17 Mar 2021 7:21PM
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Wallis lake also
Go out of the great lakes sailing club.
Haven't kited there but people talk about it


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"Southerly flatwater mid north coast?" started by needsalt