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South West Rocks Kiters

Created by CJ2478 > 9 months ago, 11 Dec 2020
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11 Dec 2020 12:30PM
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Any South West Rocks kiters out there?

I am moving to the area in the new year, would be good to link up with some crew and session

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7 Jan 2021 6:22AM
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Hi there, I'm just north of Coffs but would be keen to kite in Trial Bay sometime.

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1 Sep 2021 4:50PM
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Hey CJ,
I'm new to Forster and am looking at a NE this week. I've not kited since arriving here but keen to go now that the north easterlies are beginning. Are you around?

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10 Sep 2021 7:35AM
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Sadly SWR is not great for kiting. The gaol creates a massive wind shadow in the bay. To get to the clean wind you pretty much have to be out in the bay slop, so pretty much might as well be offshore anywhere in NSW. There is a decent crew at Crescent. A big crew in Coffs and a decent crew at Middle Rock south of Port, but nothing here in SWR.


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