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10 year break

Created by built4flying 9 months ago, 17 Jan 2021
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17 Jan 2021 1:50PM
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getting back into it after 10 years. Surprised how much I remembered. Thinking about upgrading my gear and getting in the know about possible spots to go. My plan is to kitesurf Primbee bay in Illawarra lake and Canton Beach in Tuggerah lake. Will avoid the beaches until I'm confident again in the lakes. Mild shark phobia. Possibly do Botany Bay after a dozen recent runs in the lakes. Plan on getting a 2017 9m (25kts +) and 14m (10-15kts) And persevere with my old 2010 12m for winds in between (15-22kts). Was going to go all one brand and stick with cabrinha. I want to buy a 148cm twin tip as dealing with chop and speed is my thing, not twirling around like a ballerina. Have got a few surfboards with straps that I was getting good at but find them harder to Deep water start with. Im 90kg and 178cm. Anyone see any wrong conclusions with the above?

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17 Jan 2021 6:52PM
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I'd say since then kites are more efficient, so you probably don't need too big. I'd try to buy 2018 or above because the bladders were'nt lasting by most companies.

I'd just spend your money on a 9 and a 12. I doubt your 2010 will last very many sessions, before the bladder give up.

Boards haven't changed that much, just use what you have.


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"10 year break" started by built4flying