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lost or stollen 12mtr naish with board.

Created by surfguy 1 month ago, 11 Sep 2021
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11 Sep 2021 11:35AM
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Hi been chatting with people selling 12mtr naish with naish board.
emails seller back and forth ,sellers doesnt know model or type naish kite or board or were they got it.
message me if you had a 12mtr naish with board lost or stollen and ill send u a pic of both.
cant work out if seller is for real or not.

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12 Sep 2021 1:25PM
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does the seller even have the kite?

Ask for a photo with the kite and something else in the same photo like a carton of milk. Anything that is 3 dimensional and casts a shadow should make picking a photo shop job easier.

I have flatted with people who have moved out and left things behind. This is the only circumstance I would have something in my possession and not know where the item came from or how much it cost. If that's the case surely the seller would just tell you.

Take care.


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"lost or stollen 12mtr naish with board." started by surfguy