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Woodmans Point thieves strike again!!!!!

Created by Chas > 9 months ago, 25 May 2020
WA, 26 posts
25 May 2020 10:06PM
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Just to warn all kiters who frequent Woodies that I had my Ford Ranger stolen today between 3:00 and 5:00pm complete with 10 and 8m Ozone Alpha kites and 3 control bars that were locked up in the back of the vehicle. The 10 was orange and the 8 was red in colour. The 3 ozone control bars were, ozone race bar with 30m and 2 standard bars with 23 and 20m lines. You never know as they might be fenced through some of those `buy and sell` type outlets.
The thieves were prepared with some type of mechanical cutter, as the only thing left in the Southernmost carpark was the butchered remains of my metal combination padlock used to house my car keys.
I duly reported the incident to the police and gave them all the required details that was asked, luckily for me, a passing fisherman who was on his way home stopped his car and kindly made the call via his mobile and also was kind enough to give me a lift home with me still in my wet gear.
My thanks again Paul.

WA, 6415 posts
26 May 2020 12:22PM
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I put my keys on a bit of downhaul rope and wear them around my neck and down my wetsuit. Car padlocks strike me as an invitation for thieves more than anything.

These days its difficult to steal a car without the coded key but they can still break your window and steal what is inside.

Best of luck for a quick return.


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"Woodmans Point thieves strike again!!!!!" started by Chas