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Kite Surfing Board Found North of Scarborough!

Created by Damo1 8 months ago, 1 Jan 2020
WA, 13 posts
1 Jan 2020 4:36PM
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Found Kitesurfing board at Mettams Pool. Most likely drifted from Scarborough.
PM me for description/pickup!

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2 Jan 2020 9:49AM
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I lost my board at Pinnaroo on the 31st so very unlikely it washed up at Mettams pool but please PM if the board is an orange twintip.

WA, 3 posts
9 Feb 2020 12:05PM
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It wasn't an underground board Was it I lost it further down


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"Kite Surfing Board Found North of Scarborough!" started by Damo1