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Found Kiteboard inside Brighton Marina

Created by SimonHarper 8 months ago, 7 Feb 2021
VIC, 2 posts
7 Feb 2021 6:23PM
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Hi Guys found a fairly new board. No name or number on it but if you've lost one contact me and if you can name the brand and some features, I'm happy to return it.

QLD, 4 posts
24 Feb 2021 2:48PM
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Hey did the board have boots on it? if yes can you txt message me on 0413948693 and confirm some details

21 posts
6 Mar 2021 3:38PM
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Did this board get returned? I lost a board but a long time ago and it had name on it.

NSW, 2 posts
26 Jul 2021 6:56PM
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Is it a 2021 Duotone Select SLS board ? 138cm?

Please call me is that is the board

Jonathan Wang


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"Found Kiteboard inside Brighton Marina" started by SimonHarper