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Created by speedy87 > 9 months ago, 3 Dec 2018
VIC, 77 posts
3 Dec 2018 6:29PM
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looking for ideas on a kite surfboard thats fun and easy too ride on those days the wind is to strong to foil.basically something suited to a bit of chop and that i can practice tacks gybes on.thanks

NSW, 39 posts
4 Dec 2018 9:39PM
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A Vanguard style surfboard. About 22 litres if 80 kg. They go upwind great, Jump, carve and a so good toe side. A conventional surfboard is good in the waves but tend to bog down in the tail when kiting in open water while the vanguard style allows you to get your weight more forward. As an old sailor it is like sailing with a spinnaker

VIC, 1540 posts
5 Dec 2018 2:08AM
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I have a Nobile Infinity 5'7" that I could be talked into selling. Excellent condition, super durable, and soaks up chop super easy due to snowboard/twintip style construction. Check out the reviews.

VIC, 340 posts
5 Dec 2018 1:12PM
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You need balanced board for your weight and height ?? I
My two favourite boards have Same Lts of 21 Lts which ideal for 20 + kn I am 80 kg and are Smook 5'6" Wave and Smook Shredder 5'2" with planning hull /cut off nose This Lt suit 65 to 80 kl rider. I normally kite Hampton welcome to try


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